#511 – Blend Basics – The Tools Panel

When you start up Expression Blend, you’ll see a series of icons down the left side of the window.  Each icon represents a tool that you can use to work with elements in your application.  This area of the window is known as the Tools Panel.

This panel includes the following tools:

  •   Selection and Direct Selection – Select objects
  •    Pan – Slide the view in the artboard to see a different area of the GUI
  •     Zoom – Zoom in/out on the artboard
  •     Camera Orbit – Move the camera around in a 3D scene
  •     Eyedropper and Paint Bucket – Copy attributes from one object to another
  •     Gradient Tool – Create and edit gradient brushes
  •     Pen – Draw and modify paths
  •     Rectangle, Ellipse and Line – Draw a shape
  •     Grid et al – Add a layout panel
  •    TextBlock et al – Add a TextBox, Label or similar control
  •     Button et al – Add a Button, CheckBox or similar control

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