#507 – Expander Control Lets you Expand/Collapse a Set of Controls

You can use an Expander control to hide a set of controls.  When you click on the Expander, the hidden controls are shown.  When you click again, they are hidden again.

The Expander control is a ContentControl, so contains a single child element.  This is typically a panel control, so that you can then include multiple controls in the panel.

        <Expander Header="Goals" Margin="10" >
            <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
                <CheckBox Content="Read Ulysses"/>
                <CheckBox Content="Visit Bruges"/>
                <CheckBox Content="Take out the trash"/>
        <Label Content="Next guy in vertical StackPanel is down here"/>

Notice that when the Expander is expanded, it takes up more room in the container (a StackPanel in this example) and other child elements are shifted.


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4 Responses to #507 – Expander Control Lets you Expand/Collapse a Set of Controls

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  3. degr8sid says:

    Which namespace and assembly is used for this expander?

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