#497 – Use a UniformGrid to Make a Group of Buttons the Same Size

You can use a StackPanel to make its child elements the same size in one of its dimensions.  This is harder to do in the other dimension.

The example below uses a StackPanel to contain some buttons.  They end up the same height, but are still different widths.

You can make the buttons the same height and width using a UniformGrid instead of a StackPanel.

        <UniformGrid DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" Margin="10" Rows="1" HorizontalAlignment="Right"
            <Button Grid.Column="0" Content="No" FontSize="18" Margin="5" Padding="6,3"/>
            <Button Grid.Column="1" Content="Yes, Absolutely" Margin="5" Padding="6,3"/>
            <Button Grid.Column="2" Content="Maybe" Margin="5" Padding="6,3"/>

The UniformGrid will make sure that each cell is the same height and the same width.  This is desirable because you then avoid having to set the button sizes manually.