#490 – Using the InkCanvas to Recognize Gestures, part II

With the EditingMode of an InkCanvas set to GestureOnly or to InkAndGesture, the InkCanvas will attempt to recognize any gestures drawn using a mouse or a stylus.

You can handle the Gesture event of an InkCanvas and then call the GetGestureRecognitionResults to get a list of candidate gestures that the InkCanvas thinks that you drew.  In the example below, we get this list of gestures and dump them out to a debug window.

        private void ink_Gesture(object sender, InkCanvasGestureEventArgs e)
            ReadOnlyCollection<GestureRecognitionResult> gestures = e.GetGestureRecognitionResults();

            foreach (GestureRecognitionResult gest in gestures)
                Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("Gesture: {0}, Confidence: {1}", gest.ApplicationGesture, gest.RecognitionConfidence));

Below are some example gestures, followed by the list of GestureRecognitionResult objects. Each has a Confidence property that indicates how confident .NET is of the suggested result.


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