#449 – Data Binding Elements in a Collection to a Grid, part II

This post continues with the goal of binding a collection of elements to a Grid, with each object’s Row and Column properties indicating where in the Grid it should be located.  Last time we set the ItemsPanel property of an ItemsControl to order things in an 8×8 grid.  We also set the ItemTemplate property to include a Label with attached Grid.Row and Grid.Column properties.

In this post, we create a series of ChessPiece elements at runtime, representing a series of chess pieces.

            ChessPieces = new ObservableCollection<ChessPiece>();
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("QR-Blk", 1, 1));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("QN-Blk", 1, 2));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("QB-Blk", 1, 3));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("Q-Blk", 1, 4));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("K-Blk", 1, 5));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("KB-Blk", 1, 6));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("KN-Blk", 1, 7));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("KR-Blk", 1, 8));

            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P1-Blk", 2, 1));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P2-Blk", 2, 2));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P3-Blk", 2, 3));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P4-Blk", 2, 4));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P5-Blk", 2, 5));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P6-Blk", 2, 6));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P7-Blk", 2, 7));
            ChessPieces.Add(new ChessPiece("P8-Blk", 2, 8));

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