#407 – Grid Contains Single Row and Column by Default

If you define a Grid, but do not define any rows or columns using the RowDefinitions and ColumnDefinitions properties, the resulting grid will contain a single row and a single column.

        <Button Content="I'm in a Grid" Margin="5"/>

Similarly, if you define a Grid and specify multiple columns using the ColumnDefinitions property, but not the RowDefinitions property, you’ll get a single row and the specified number of columns.  (The same is true for a single column and explicit number of rows).


        <Label Grid.Column="0" Content="Larry" Margin="10" Background="Lavender"/>
        <Label Grid.Column="1" Content="Moe" Margin="10" Background="Magenta"/>
        <Label Grid.Column="2" Content="Curly" Margin="10" Background="Cornsilk"/>


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