#378 – Positioning Tooltips

There are several properties that dictate where a tooltip will be displayed.

By default, the tooltip is positioned just below the mouse pointer, with its left edge lined up with the left side of the mouse pointer.

The PlacementTarget property can be used to position the tooltip relative to a specific control.  By default, this property refers to the control to which the tooltip is attached.

You can set the Placement property to change the logic of how the tooltip’s position is calculated.  It can be set to a number of different values, including:

  • Absolute – absolute screen coordinates, specified by HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset
  • Relative – relative to upper left of control, specified by HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset
  • Bottom, Top, Left, Right – aligned with edge of control

  • Center – centered on control

  • Mouse – aligned with the current mouse pointer (the default)

The tooltip can be more precisely positioned using the HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset properties.