#337 – Specifying Font Properties for All Controls In a Window

Because the various font-related properties are dependency properties, they can be set on a high-level element in the logical tree and “trickle down” to lower-level elements.  The lower-level elements inherit property values from higher-level elements.

In the example below, we specify a font to use for all child controls within a window.

	Width="780" Height="368"

        <Label Content="A nice quote:" Margin="20,10,20,0"/>

        <TextBlock Name="txt2" Margin="20" FontSize="18" TextWrapping="Wrap">
            Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?<LineBreak/>
            --Mohandas Gandhi

        <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Center">
            <RadioButton Content="Like" Margin="10"/>
            <RadioButton Content="Don't Like" Margin="10"/>

        <Button Content="OK" FontFamily="Tahoma" Width="100" Margin="20"/>

Notice that we can override an inherited property by setting it explicitly for a control. We specify that Tahoma should be the FontFamily for the Button control.


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