#320 – Default Size of StackPanel Child Controls

By default, a StackPanel uses the following logic for sizing its child controls.

If Orientation is vertical

  • Child height set to fit content
  • Child width stretched to fit width of the StackPanel

If Orientation is horizontal

  • Child width set to fit content
  • Child height stretched to fit height of the StackPanel

The example below shows a set of child controls, layed out vertically.

        <Label Content="Gene Autry the singing cowboy" Background="Pink"/>
        <Button Content="I Like Gene" FontSize="18"/>
        <Label Content="Roy Rogers" Background="Aqua" FontSize="20"/>
        <Button Content="I Like Roy Rogers Yes I Do"/>
        <TextBox Text="This is a TextBox"/>

        <Label Content="Tex Ritter" Background="PaleGoldenrod"/>
        <Button Content="I Like Tex" FontSize="20" />
        <Label Content="Jorge Negrete" Background="Lavender"/>
        <Button Content="I Like Jorge Yes I Do"/>

Setting the Orientation to horizontal gives us:


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