#293 – Intellisense Will Show Overloaded Methods

Intellisense in Visual Studio presents you with a list of possible methods that you can call, based on what you’ve already typed.  If there are overloaded methods available in the current context, it will let you cycle through a list of the methods.  Overloaded methods are methods that have the same name, but a different argument list and/or return type.

In the example below, there are three different methods named Bark in the Dog class.  After you’ve entered the full method name and the opening parenthesis, Intellisense displays information about the first of the three methods.  The first overload of Bark takes a single int parameter.

If you press the down arrow key, or click on the downward facing arrow icon, Intellisense shows you the second of the three methods.

You can press the down arrow key again to see the third overload.


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