#276 – Change Image Sizing Using the Stretch Property

The Stretch property of an Image control dictates whether the image will be stretched to fit the available space.

The None option indicates that the image should be displayed at its original size.  It is not stretched to fit the available space.

	<Image Source="TractorSm.png" Stretch="None"/>

The Uniform option (the default) causes the image to be stretched to fill the available space–just until one of its dimensions fits.  The container may show whitespace for the other dimension.

<Image Source="TractorSm.png" Stretch="Uniform"/>

The UniformToFill option also preserves the aspect ratio, but the image will continue to grow until both dimensions fit the available space.  The container may clip the image in one dimension.

<Image Source="TractorSm.png" Stretch="UniformToFill"/>

The Fill option stretches the image without preserving the aspect ratio, exactly filling the available space.  The image may appear distorted.

<Image Source="TractorSm.png" Stretch="Fill"/>


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