#260 – The Concept of Fonts

A typeface is a set of glyphs in a particular style, used to render characters.  A typeface is also sometimes known as a font family.

In Windows, a font is a set of glyphs defined by the combination of a typeface, font weight and font style (or slope).

A font weight dictates the thickness of the characters and includes choices like:

  • Thin
  • Extra Light / Ultra Light
  • Light
  • Normal / Regular
  • Medium
  • Demi-Bold / Semi-Bold
  • Bold
  • Extra-Bold / Ultra-Bold
  • Black / Heavy
  • Extra-Black / Ultra-Black

A font style/slope dictates the angle that the glyphs are slanted includes choices:

  • Italic
  • Normal / Regular
  • Oblique

When we combine typeface, weight and style, we then end up with different fonts, for example:

  • Cambria Regular  (normal weight and style)
  • Cambria Bold  (normal style)
  • Cambria Bold Italic
  • Cambria Italic  (normal weight)

Samples of these fonts are shown below.


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