#167 – Implementing a Dependency Property That Is A Collection

When you create a custom dependency property that is based on a collection type, you need to define the default value of the property as a new instance of a collection, rather than as just a static value.

For example, we defined the Person.IQ dependency property, with a default value of 100, as follows:

internal static readonly DependencyPropertyKey IQPropertyKey =
    DependencyProperty.RegisterReadOnly("IQ", typeof(int), typeof(Person), new PropertyMetadata(100));

If we define a read-only Person.Friends property, whose type is List<Person>, the same call would look like this:

        internal static readonly DependencyPropertyKey FriendsPropertyKey =
            DependencyProperty.RegisterReadOnly("Friends", typeof(List<Person>), typeof(Person),
              new PropertyMetadata(new List<Person>()));      // Metadata constructor instantiates a new List

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3 Responses to #167 – Implementing a Dependency Property That Is A Collection

  1. 3J says:

    This is not correct. The default value will be shared by all instances of the dependency object. Therefore, the default value should be set outside of the class’s static constructor.

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