#138 – Dependency Property Value Sources: #4 – Implicit Style

The fourth source in the list of sources for the base value of a dependency property is an implicit style.  This rule applies only to the Style dependency property.

The Style property obtains its value implicitly when a style is applied to all elements whose type matches the specified TargetType of the style.

Since an explicit style is treated as a local value, the resulting precedence list for the Style property, highest to lowest, is:

  • Explicit style (local value)
  • Implicit style
  • Default value

In the example below, we use an implicit style to set the style of two different Button elements.

        <Style TargetType="Button">
            <Setter Property="Control.FontStyle" Value="Italic"/>
        <Button Content="Click Me" Height="23" Width="125" />
        <Button Content="Or Me" Height="23" Width="125" />