#61 – Exporting XAML From Expression Design

When creating a WPF application, you should avoid using bitmaps for images in your application but instead use images drawn using vector graphics.

You can use a tool like Microsoft Expression Design 4 to generate your images.  You can then export these images as XAML, so that you can use them directly in a WPF application.


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2 Responses to #61 – Exporting XAML From Expression Design

  1. mark picone says:

    Expression Blend 4

    I’m using Blend as a designer. I created a simple button interface that slides into the screen. I want to send the xaml code to the developers, from what I understand they can open this code within Visual Studio and see what I’ve designed as well as editing the code to fit their needs. How do I do this? Do I just copy the xaml code?


    • Sean says:

      Mark, you just need to send them the entire project, including the .sln (solution) file and everything else in the directory where the .sln is located, as well as all sub-directories. That should be easier than sending them individual files. They’ll be able to open the project itself in Visual Studio and then have access to your .xaml. –Sean

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