#43 – What Happens in WPF Main() Function

When creating a new WPF standalone application using the New Project wizard in Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio automatically creates a class that derives from System.Windows.Application, as well as a static Main() function that will be the first function called when the application is started.

Here’s how the main application object is defined:

 public partial class App : Application

During the Main method, the application is started up by:

  • Creating a new instance of the Application object
  • Calling Application.InitializeComponent to constitute the application from App.xaml
  • Calling Application.Run to start the application
public static void Main()
    WpfApplication.App app = new WpfApplication.App();

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4 Responses to #43 – What Happens in WPF Main() Function

  1. johnyao123 says:

    It seems there is no Main() in Visual Studio 2015. What happened?

    • johnyao123 says:

      Is that because I have StartupUri=”MainWindow.xaml” in App.xaml, so Main() is not needed any more?

      • Sean says:

        Main() is still used. It’s the entry point of the application and (by default) invokes the Run method on the main Application object.

    • Sean says:

      Main() is still there and used as the entry point for the application. It’s located in App.g.cs, which is code that is generated from App.xaml at build time. You can see the file by turning on Show All Files option and looking under \obj.

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