#21 – WPF Control Sampler

In WPF, a control is a visual component that you can place in a window or on a page.

Here are just a few examples of common WPF controls, focusing on the main controls that a user interacts with.

Button – Click on button to perform action


RadioButton and GroupBox – Select one option from a group

Label – Basic label

Tooltip – Provide more info about a control when user hovers over it

Expander – User clicks expander to see sub-controls, then clicks again to hide them

ComboBox – Select one item from a list

ListBox – Select one or more items from a list

ListView – List group of items, supports different views of the same items

TabControl – Each tab contains group of controls

DataGrid – Grid of data items, often bound to data source

TreeView – Hierarchical tree

TextBox – Editable text

Slider – Slide to set different values

ProgressBar – Show progress

DatePicker – Select date