#19 – The System.Windows Namespace

Most user-interface related classes that a WPF application will use are located in the System.Windows namespace or one of its subordinate namespaces.

Some of the classes present in System.Windows :

  • Application – Encapsulated a WPF application
  • Clipboard – Transfer data to/from clipboard
  • ContentElement – Base class for contents elements, for flow-style presentation
  • DataObject – Transfering data
  • DataTemplate – Visual structure of a data object
  • DependencyObject – Object that participates in dependency property system
  • DependencyProperty – Properties that support data binding, inheritance, etc.
  • EventManager – Event-related utility methods
  • FrameworkElement – Extends UIElement & provides support for logical tree, et al
  • MessageBox – Displays a message box
  • ResourceDictionary – Dictionary that contains WPF resources
  • RoutedEvent – Routed event
  • Style – Sharing of properties/resources between instances
  • UIElement – Base class for graphical elements
  • UIElement3D – Base class for 3D elements
  • Window – Window in user interface

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